Crest Wave Realty

Real Estate Re-Engineered For the Client
San Diego, California

Real Estate Brokerage



We specialize in finding the perfect home for buyers based on their specific needs. Sellers will be treated to a customized marketing plan to maximize the sale price while minimizing the time to sell.


San Diego rental market is quite competitive with prices rising on a consistent basis based on demand and lack of inventory. We can help you sort through the maze based on your budget and desired location.


Investors needs vary depending on property type, budget, cap rate and gross rent multiplier. Let Crest Wave Realty identify specific properties of interest and negotiate throughout the transaction.

Initial Client Meeting

Our first step is to schedule an in-person meeting (where possible) or teleconference to find out about your needs and describe our marketing plan and timeframes.

Source of Funds

If the client requires a loan, our preferred lender can review income and debit to determine purchasing power.

Custom Property Search

We will set-up a custom property search based on geographic, financial and feature considerations. A client gateway is provided to save properties and add comments.

Property Previews

Based on the client’s availability, onsite previews of homes to evaluate property condition, amenities and neighborhood.

Comparables & Estimated Net Sheet

Once a home is identified, we do extensive research and create comparables based on proximity, charachteristics and timeframe. Estimated Net Sheets are created based on closing costs averages and other expenses.

Offer Package & Negotiations

If the client wishes to proceed, we select the appropriate forms and create a detailed offer contract with benifitial terms and desired pricing. Negotiations/ counter-offers continue to see if parties can reach a mutual agreement.

Transaction Coordination & Closing

Once an offer is accepted, we guide the client from the opening of escrow, inspections, repair requests and contingency releases. We strive to stay on schedule to meet close of escrow date.

Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be the most stressful times in your life. How do you prepare your home, who do I contact for assistance, how long will the process take, will I be inconvienced with showings and open houses, and most of all, who do I trust to guide me through the entire process. That’s where Crest Wave Realty comes in.

Listing Appointment

An appointment is scheduled to visit your home and determine how best to serve you. We discuss our plan to maximize exposure and maketability.

Marketing Plan

A complete marketing plan is created which includes social media, photography and video, advertising, networking, listing syndication, showings, open houses & caravans.

Offers & Negotiation

As offers are received, they are evaluated with the client. The selected offer(s) are either accepted or countered until an agreement can be reached.

Transaction Management

Client is guided through escrow and informed of all activities. Transaction management is controlled in-house with files provided to the client after close of escrow.